Drink Safe This Summer

Both Dog and Humans at Risk…from drinking water! Here comes summer and with it all the related safety hazards that need to be addressed to keep both you and your dog safe: watching out for broken glass while on walks, making sure you and your dog use canine-safe sunscreen, keeping off hot sand, pavement and…


National Dog Bite Prevention Week

It’s National Dog Bite Prevention Week! Take a moment to ponder the statistics in the infographic below, and then take a couple of minutes to check out the How To Meet A New Dog video I made with With just a few simple steps we can make these stats go WAY down.

But I Thought It Was Sausage

What to Do When Your Dog Eats Cat Poop

Here’s an email I received recently about a Golden who has developed a fondness for “cat treats” (AKA  dog eats cat poop). This problem is quite common and can be solved like almost everything else: using Prevention, Management and Training. So if your dog has started snacking at the kitty cat buffet, read on. Our…


Dogs & Kids: Melissa’s Story

A group of happy Paws for Peace trainers! This year I’m celebrating my 40th Anniversary of doing what I love as a professional dog trainer. Throughout the year I’ll be reminiscing about some of the most awesome experiences I’ve had. Here’s to celebrating the joy of dogs! Paws for Peace was an after-school violence prevention…


Aggressive Dog: Ask Paul

Help with an Aggressive Dog Here is a recent email I received from a distraught lady in South Africa (published with her permission) about her beautiful but aggressive dog, Axel. It’s pretty lengthy but because it highlights issues that many trainers deal with throughout the year, I am publishing it with my response in its…

Dog Parks: Pros and Cons

Dog Parks. What a great idea! Imagine being able to take your buddy to a big, open field and letting him or her safely play and run around with dozens of other dogs. What a great way to provide exercise, especially for those rambunctious, high-energy teenagers that often become destructive and “self-employed” at home when…


Special Considerations with Older Dogs

Molly, my Portuguese Water Dog can’t jump into my van through the window anymore. And she used to answer the phone by picking up the receiver in her mouth and then ceremoniously drop it in the waste basket across the room when she heard the cue, “it’s a bill collector.” She can’t see the phone…

New Year, New Classes!

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope you all enjoyed the holidays.  Now’s Your Chance to Get 2014 Off on the Right Paw! New Classes Start Sunday, Jan. 12! Beginners Group Training Two Locations! Kriser’s in Studio City at 9:00 am Dog Zone in Monrovia at 3:30 pm Click Here to Register - Space is Limited!

Breeds That Are Worst Choices? No Such Thing

Came across this article about which breeds are “bad choices” for new pet owners the other day and thought I’d put in my 2¢. I have been training dogs for over 40 years and my experience is not the same as the veterinarians who were interviewed for this survey. A breed of dog does not equate…