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The Dog Whisperer Book (2nd Edition)


A Compassionate, Nonviolent Approach to Dog Training

“The Dog Whisperer book is a pure delight to read…and deserves a place of honor on the shelf of every positive dog owner and trainer.”

-The Whole Dog Journal

This revolutionary, humane, and logical approach to raising and training, The Dog Whisperer book provides a beacon for all positive dog trainers.

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Product Description

In The Dog Whisperer (2nd Edition), Paul Owens (with Norma Eckroate) offers more in-depth training with additional notes, tips, and problem-solving to make training even easier! This new edition includes updated material on the power of positive training and why training methods that use physical force, physical punishment, and so-called dominance training are both unnecessary and potentially harmful.

Fifteen years in print! Over 300,000 copies sold!